Testosterone Levels

Testosterone and The Increased Risk for Mortality in Men

A new study has revealed that men with low levels of the hormone after their 40s have a higher risk of death over a 4-year period.

" men with low testosterone did have higher death rates, but it may be due to some other factor that we weren't able to measure," said of the VA Puget Sound Health Care System. Despite the finding, it is unclear why this is so, and researchers are looking into the possibility that a third factor is linked to the level of testosterone and age that leads to this higher risk for death in men. Shores also confirmed that most of the men in the study have been already suffering individually from about 5 different types of chronic illness at the time of the trial, which could have contributed to their early demise.

"They were probably more medically ill than most men their age," Shores said. "They all had an average of about 5 chronic illnesses."

For now, all the study can safely reveal is that low levels of the hormone and the risk for death are linked. The nature of the relationship, however, is yet to be discovered.


Updated: 12/21/09