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Testimonials about Hgh

Read what some of our satisfied patients have to say

I've got everything and all is going great! As I mentioned, I'm extremely happy with the blood pressure going down as a result of the Hgh Therapy and I can already notice some improvement in skin quality and elasticity. My face does look a little different in that a few wrinkle lines around my eyes are fading. Since beginning the HGH Therapy I have also experienced a huge libido increase as well. I wasn't expecting that from HGH; I thought that would come mostly from the Testosterone. So I am very happy with everything.

Thought I'd give you an update on how the treatment is working after about a month....

Here's what I've noticed after slightly over a month of Hgh Hormone treatment.

I have noticed some change in skin elasticity. Skin on left arm near my tricep is less wrinkled when I lean on the counter to brace myself when shaving in the morning. Wrinkles on forearms are considerable diminished. Haven't lost weight, but it does seem that the muscles are better defined than before.


I received my Hgh package on Monday June 9 and began my series of Hgh hormone injections that evening. By the weekend I felt a difference. Excellent product. Diet and exercise was included.

I am into my 6th week of the Test supplement and I seem to be responding well. I have lost a lot of my midriff roll, and 'love handles' and clearly have more energy.

I have never seen anything quite this amazingly incredible.
Since my car accident in september 2005 I have lost sooo much quality of life due to injuries. My doctor and specialist kept telling me that I would not get much better, or ever look to be physically fit again, but that I could take medications to manage the pain. I refused any type of medication but did see a chiropractor, did stretching exercises and went to a massage therapist. This continued for 4 long years.

In the last 6 weeks of being on my "Rejuvenation" program I' am finally on my way to getting my quality of life back and have you to thank for all your guidance, insight and instruction. Maybe one day my husband and I will get to meet you. Keep up the great work you are all doing.