The Prescribing Process

HGH and Testosterone are by prescription only and regulated by the Federal Food and Drug Association. In order for our doctors to prescribe you these programs they must go through the process of establish a professional relationship with you and make a determination as to what prescription medications and treatments are right for you.

Step 1
Initial Consult
Discuss your current situation and physical symptoms. Your Advisor will discuss possible options and make arrangements for and initial physicians consultation.

Step 2
The Physician
You will be contact to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians.

Step 3
You will be contacted to arrange an appointment for your physical examination and blood test from one of our physicians.

Step 4
Once our physician receives your blood work, he will review your case and, if approved, will prescribe the proper dosages for your individual case.

Step 5
You will receive your program usually between 48-72 hours after writing the prescription.

Step 6
You can start your way to any improved quality of life.