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When the Chips are Down and You Absolutely Want to look Your Best for Summer.

If you have been reading about HGH and are seriously thinking of adding it to your summer fitness program to complete your arsenal of personal weapons to fight the battle against aging, read on.
Of course, this decision to transform yourself should start well in advance of summer. It should be a new years resolution that stays on track every day, week after week and month after month.

Testosteron, Progesterone, DHEA/Pregnanolone, HCG, and, of course, HGH (Human Growth Hormone) are the main componants of the arsenal. A healthy eating plan and exercise plan are the last parts of this body-puzzle. If you are over 30 years of age and your blood work and doctor completed physical demonstrates a medical need, then you are at the right place in time to begin your transformation and become your own personal miracle .

First we raise your declining hormone levels back to where they were when you were in your prime, ( 25 to 35 years old). Then we introduce HGH into your protocol. It augments the body’s own production of Insulin-like Growth Factor which increases cellular turnover throughout the body starting at the most basic inter-cellular level. This means, your skin, hair, nails, even your eyesight start showing what anti-aging is all about.

But you must stick to your plan and stay in contact with your patient coordinator, because everyone is truly an individual and there will be some necessary changes to your protocol to keep your body at optimization. But midway through summer and you are showing off that new bod and playing volley ball like a teenager, you will call us and tell us how pleased you are with your results. You might even send us a before and after photo which we will display proudly.

That will make our day!

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UPDATED: 4/15/2010