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HGH Patient Results

First off I'd like to say “WOW” I haven't felt this good for longer than I care to remember. It's almost impossible for me to express in words the way a few seemingly insignificant “little things” like stiff knees, a weak ankle and a laundry list of other minor injuries have dragged me down and undercut my quality of life.

I'd like to let you know firsthand the results that I am having since starting HGH treatment:

  1. I am getting some of the best sleep of my life! With 7 hours of sleep I wake with renewed energy and I feel ready for the day. This is a sharp contrast to my normal 8+ hours that still left me tired and headed straight to the coffee maker.
  2. The normal everyday aches and pains that come with being alive after 12 years in the military and running triathlons are starting to subside. I feel that very soon, thanks to my HGH therapy,I will be able to leave the “struggling to maintain what I have” phase that I've been in for the past two years and moving forward again.
  3. I feel like old injuries are starting to heal. The “achy knee, bad ankle and thrown out back” are starting to feel more solid and stable. For the first time since my back injury I have been able to do the little things like bending over to tie my shoes without an overwhelming feeling of weakness and the dread that I am one little twist from a doctor's visit.
  4. My libido has finally come back after a long vacation. You can't really appreciate what a pleasure it is to feel simple emotion like desire until you've all but completely lost it. I thank you and my wife thanks you!



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UPDATED: 04/15/2010