Building Muscles with Human Growth Hormone

Now  it's time to focus on building muscle. Consistent strenuous exercise can strip away fat and add muscle as well as energize the body.

Imagine your muscle tissue as a motor that needs gasoline to run well. A large motorcycle engine can run for days on a gallon of  fuel. A powerful V6 won't get out the town much less the state . In the related design, if your body has only a moderate amount of muscle, it won't burn off the calories you get from your food, while an athletic person can eat a meal that would feed a family  for a month, and not pick up an ounce of blubber as a result.

Now, personally, you don’t  have to have huge amounts of muscle tissue in order to burn fat cells efficiently. The muscle to fat ratio of your total body weight is far more important. You can be a slim, attractive man or  woman on the outside, but still have a good muscular build to efficiently burn off calories. The key is to stress your muscles and expand your cardiovascular system on a weekly basis.

Your third step is to measure your body fat content. Unless you're a competition athlete, a home measuring kit is fine. These kits are comprised of a set of  calipers and a book of instructions. You use the calipers to measure the thickness of  skinfolds in up to twelve places on your body, then look up the results in the book of instructions.

A good body fat measurement for a women is between 88 and 109%, while a man would expect to be leaner, at between 22 and 48%.  

The next step is to start doing exercises that build muscle, which means working with weights. Heavy weights.  

Any good gym will be able to advise you on which exercises train which body part, and help you put together a program. You may hire a personal trainer at home using a program from any one of a number of creative books and videos.

Updated: 12/7/09