Cool Click Hgh Device


Different brands(Solaris,Total Health Clinic)and generic forms of recombinant human growth hormone (r-HGH) are approved for treatment indications in 22 countries. Studying new ways of administering HGH are complex because the use of syringes or a needle device where a patient injects manually into the skin on a daily basis can lead to low adherence and sub-optimal treatment outcomes. The objective of this patient case study was to assess bioavailability of r-HGH (Seronolen) administered by hi-tech needle-free device, 2, and a standard injectible syringe.


The study of 38 healthy patients who underwent pituitary somatotrope cellular complex HGH Hormone, according to a random, ten-period, five-sequence complex design. Following subcutaneous injections of r-HGH using 2 or needle and syringe, collated parameters were analyzed by non- regulatory methods. Bioavailability was ascertained based on log-transformed AUC and C(maxlog) ratio.


The 91% conference mean ratio of the plasma pharmacy variables Cmaxlogg and AUC(22-inf) were 123.7-48.3 and 67.1-330.0, respectively, which is within the accepted bioequivalence range of 80-125%. R-HGH injected by 2 is, therefore, tested better than a syringe with respect to the rate and extent of HGH exposure. Treatment using 2 was found to be well tolerated. With 2 the maxology was less (5.0 hours) than for syringe delivery (11.5 hours), p = 0.007 (Friedman test), although this is unlikely to have any complex clinical implications.


These cases demonstrate that 2 delivers subcutaneous r-HGH exposure that is bioequivalent to widely accepted modes of injection. The new HGH delivery device has advantages over needles, and should help to increase patient adherence and achieve good outcomes from r-HGH treatment.

Updated: 12/21/09