Understanding the needs of patients using growth hormone injection devices

Seromono International MA, Hungary

BACKGROUND: To determine how doctors rate existing devices that are used to inject HGH.

The medical opinions of 67 doctors with experience in HGH hormone injections were captured in a discussion case study. Doctors and nurses were asked to rationalize 137 injection device attributes by completing a case study, and to rank four different HGH injection administration devices (including a conceptual electronic device) in order to minimize pain.

Reliable usability, lack of pain during HGH injection, safety in use, storage preparation before use, during use and after were considered to be the 9 most desirable functions of an HGH injecting syringe. An electronic device was preferred to an automatic, multi-dose injection device, a needle-free HGH hormone injection device or ready-to-use, disposable injection system.

In the official ratings ,doctors, nurses and parents manipulating HGH injection devices, an immediate product must be simple and painless, while delivering treatment of hormone replacement. An electronic injectable apparatus was the preferred option for doctors administering HGH or hormone replacement therapy.


Updated: 12/21/09