DHEA - An Anti-Aging Solution

DHEA, short for dehydroepiandrosterone, is a naturally occurring steroid hormone produced by the adrenal glands. DHEA is produced in larger amounts than any other adrenal steroid hormone. It is often called the "mother of hormones" by researchers because it is a precursor for the manufacture of many other hormones. These hormones are responsible for maintenance of body functions, such as fat and mineral metabolism, controlling stress, maintaining male and female characteristics, and others.

We have been working with DHEA for years. The last few years have brought numerous articles on DHEA - its effect as an anti-aging hormone and on its effect to convert fat to muscle. These two factors make it very interesting to our patient population.

DHEA has a great safety profile and, used with medical control, there are no serious side effects. The major aspect of DHEA is that it improves stamina, muscle mass, and generally a sense of well being. Merely being an anti - aging hormone does not mean much if it does not make one feel better. The list of potential benefits is very impressive, particularly for those of us who are mature adults. DHEA helps with memory, recalling numbers, cardiovascular problems, weight control, immune system enhancement, sex hormone improvement, improving brain function, and increasing general sense of well being.

The protocol we have been following is successful as well as safe. Before we start using DHEA supplementation, we draw blood to determine the DHEA level in the body. Based upon that, we give DHEA supplementation thorugh a variety of methods including transdermal cream.

It is our feeling that anyone wishing to embark upon DHEA supplementation realize this is not a magic hormone, but a natural occurring hormone of the body and therefore improvement usually takes place over a few months. If you would like ot know more, please fill out our short contact form, of call us and ask to speak with one of our Clinical Assistants. We will be happy to discuss DHEA and its role in natural hormone replacement.

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