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HGH (Human Growth Hormone) Turn back time. Lose weight and gain muscle.
Look and feel years younger...
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We offer an HGH Test evaluation to all patients over the age of 30 as part of a requirement to demonstrate medical need through a blood profile that shows the levels of all other hormones as well. We are proud to offer an extended line of products and services at our three affiliated clinics that include complete Anti-Aging programs, Hormone Replacement therapies and a complete line of pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements to aid in weight control, muscular growth, general fitness and nutrition.

Age requirement of 30 years or older to request information.

Center we treat the patient as a whole, using the latest HGH Safety guidelines for ensuring long term care is monitored often and is always in the best interest of the patient. Most web sites I have found are selling alternatives to real human growth hormone in the form of oral supplements or spray products that are designed to help your body release more of its own HGH. It is important to note: There is no actual evidence that any of these supplements and sprays actually work, especially over the age of 30 when the body isn't even producing it's own HGH at miniscule levels.

Rx Meds Canada offer only FDA approved prescription pharmaceutical grade HGH in an injectable form which is bio-identicle with the body's own chemical makeup. It has been proven to work in years of multiple studies all over the world.

That includes all necessary initial blood work, physical examination, and vital signs, all performed in your home by EMSI (or other affiliated portable medical service).

When to start an HGH regimen?

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• Hormone Replacement Therapy (AGHD)*
• Nutritional and Dietary Planning
• Weight Management
• Personal Fitness Training/Physical Rehabilitation
• Holistic Medicine
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HGH and Bodybuilding

About Hormone Replacement Therapy
If you are over the age of 30 and have symptoms of Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (AGHD) such as low energy levels, slow healing, or slow muscle recovery, you may be a potential candidate for hormone replacement therapy. Physician-guided growth hormone (HGH) therapy is approved for use by adults over age 35 in the United States. But remember, though human growth hormone (HGH)therapy, when properly prescribed, is safe, non-toxic and has no significant adverse side effects, it should always be prescribed by a doctor.

Several studies have shown that somatotropin has been able to reverse the process of aging in middle-aged men, showing that it stimulated cell production and restored the form and function of the body back to its more younger levels. However, most doctors agree with the clinical results that show using the HGH hormone in an effort to turn back the clock, as the purported benefits have been proven and the minimal side effects could never outweigh the results.

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